Be better at 'the business of tourism'

AC 1.1 - Describe forms of ownership for tourism organisations

Transport organisations

Transportation is very important to the tourism industry as it allows tourists to access where they want to go; it also provides many wide and varied jobs for people. Transport can be by air, land or sea. There are many organisations operating within the UK which vary in size and scale from small to medium to large to international.

Activity 1

Who are we?

You will be presented with a list of well known logos of various transport providers operating from and within the UK. Can you match the logo to the correct type of transport provider?

Activity 2

There are many transport providers operating within the UK which vary in size and scale; from small and medium scale to large, international scale providers. This means that the transport providers have different forms of business ownerships.

Can you identify the correct form of ownership for the transport providers below?

You may need to conduct some research.