Do well in 'developing UK tourist destinations'

4.2 & 4.3

Presentation tips

You are required to present a report for this AC that makes suggestions for increasing the appeal of destinations to different tourist types. You will need to write using persuasive language. Think AFOREST.

The presentation of your report will need careful consideration as there is a required structure and format; the report should be presented formally. If you intend presenting your report via PowerPoint you still need to consider layout and appreciate the use of notes rather than reading directly from the screen. Consideration must be given to audience and purpose, that is, who your report is aimed at and why is it being written.

Formal report structure

Formal reports need to be clear and objective. They are meant to be highly factual and inform readers.

You should include:

A title page

A contents page

The following points need to be in paragraphs with subheadings.

A brief introduction – stating the report’s purpose

A summary / overview

Findings – subheadings are recommended to focus each area of the reporter’s findings

Recommendations – these can be in bullet point format

Style & organisation

Your writing should be in standard English and straightforward, presenting the topic precisely; no slang allowed.

Paragraphs must be used, when the topic changes, subheadings should be evident.

When presenting as a PowerPoint, the points made above will still apply, but there will be more opportunity for images to be included. You are also advised to use note cards rather than reading and just repeating what is written on the screen.



Present a short report on how your local area could increase its appeal to tourists.


Present a short report on how a local attraction could increase its appeal to tourists