Do well in 'developing UK tourist destinations'

AC 3.2

'Upcross' relationships

Many tourism organisations form partnerships with other businesses to develop their products and services. The organisations involved hope, through this process, to be more successful. This will also help to bring about tourism development within the destination in which the businesses are located.

The organisations described below are all located in and around the tourist destination of ‘Upcross’.

Read through the information about the organisations.

Upcross Safari Park

A ‘drive through’ safari with herds of deer, zebra, antelope, reindeer and ponies.

Upcross Country Park

The park is managed by the local authority and provides a range of water-based leisure activities.  The park has a café.

Gino’s Upcross

A restaurant with an excellent reputation and fantastic Trip Advisor reviews.

Upcross Manor

A stately home and gardens which was owned by a former prime minister.  The building is open from 10am to 3pm in the summer months. The gardens can be visited all year round.

Upcross Farmers Market

The market is held every Monday and allows farmers in the locality to sell their locally-produced meat, vegetables and food to local people and tourists.

Upcross Conservation and Walkers group

This group of volunteers provides maps of interesting walks in the area for tourists and helps to clear litter from footpaths.

Upcross Guesthouse

The guesthouse has 8 rooms and offers B&B accommodation only, with no evening meals provided.

Upcross Castle

The castle is the site of a former magnificent building destroyed by fire 200 years ago.  The ruins are surrounded by woodland walks.

Upcross Grange

The Grange is a 4/5-star hotel with a leisure complex, golf course and restaurant. The Grange is also a  major wedding venue.

Travelway Upcross

The Travelway hotel is one of a national chain of 3-star hotels with a fast food restaurant on-site.

Upcross Pasta and Pizza

The restaurant serves reasonably-priced food at lunchtimes and in the evenings.

Upcross Tearooms

The tearooms are open from 8am till 5 pm serving refreshments and simple lunches.

Upcross Adventure Forest

This attraction is a medium-sized theme park with a woodland theme which offers family-based rides and a miniature railway.

Upcross Guides

This is an association of about 15 registered guides who have detailed knowledge of the locality.

Upcross Coaches

This company operates a fleet of 8 coaches from a 15-seater to a 45-seater coach.

Upcross Caravan Park and Campsite

The site caters for tents and touring caravans and has 30 mobile home units for rent.  There is a small bar/restaurant on site.

Activity 1

Answer the questions below about the different tourism organisations in Upcross.

  1. Suggest three organisations which could place an advertisement as a joint marketing activity in an up-market ‘glossy’ magazine.
  2. Suggest three organisations which could place an advertisement as a joint marketing activity in a family breaks magazine.
  3. Explain why the Upcross area is said to have a good range of accommodation.

Activity 2

Upcross County Council have decided to set up a Destination Marketing Organisation called Destination Upcross. The following organisations have decided to become key partners in the DMO:

  • Upcross Grange
  • Upcross Adventure Forest
  • Upcross Coaches
  • Upcross Safari Park
  • Gino’s Upcross

The other tourism organisations in Upcross are members of the DMO.

Design the home page of a website for Destination Upcross. 

Try to represent the range of tourist attractions and facilities available in the area and make the destination appeal to different types of tourists.