Principles of customer service

AC 1.3 - Describe how customer service delivery differs across different mediums

So why is the telephone still important?

With the increasing use of internet and smart phone technology, why might tourism organisations and their customers need to have a telephone conversation?

There are many reasons.


Using the ideas below, explain fully why tourism organisations and their customers might need to use a telephone and suggest how this can be seen as good customer service. You can record your answers within the online writing-frame, or you can download the document below.

  • Not everybody has a PC or smartphone

  • Some customers like to hear a human voice

  • Customers might have a problem they want to discuss

  • Customer may have a last- minute change of plan or has been delayed.

  • Customers might have special needs that want to discuss

  • People might require additional information

  • Customers may wish to make a complaint

  • Internet connection might be lost

  • Customer might want to check information on a website

  • Information has not been received or has been lost by a customer.

  • The organisation might need to contact the customer in an emergency

  • The customer might ask for a special price or discount