Principles of customer service

AC 3.2, 3.3, 3.4

The Introduction

Obviously, the title of your report will be ‘The Quality of the Customer Experience at _______’ (filling in the name of the organisation you are reporting on).

You will only have to write one page or so as an introduction, so you will need to consider what to include.

The table in the word document below contains ideas about information about your organisation that must be included in your introduction, information that should be included, information that could be included, and information that does not need to be included.

Activity (Offline)

Download the document below and shift the tiles around in the table to get to the right information on each of the four rows:

  • Information that must be included
  • Information that should be included
  • Information that could be included
  • Information that does not need to be included

You may agree or disagree with what information should go on each row.  You can discuss your decisions with your classmates.