Be better at 'the business of tourism'

AC 1.2 - Explain the objectives of tourism organisations

Environmental objectives

As in many other industries, over the last 20 years tourism organisations have become more aware of environmental issues and now set a range of environmental objectives. This ensures that the organisations continue to do as much as they can to protect the environment.

There is a wide range of terms which are used relating to environmental concerns and practices.

Activity 1

In the table below terms and phrases about environmental concerns have been split into halves. Can you join the correct halves together?

Activity 2

Having completed the activity above, choose 3 of the issues to produce three environmental objectives which could be used by large attractions such as theme parks.

Activity 3

Having completed the table above, choose 3 of the issues to produce three environmental objectives which could be used by a large hotel.

Activity 4

Read the information below about a hotel in Greece which has been given an award for its environmental practices.

The Castelli is a charming traditional hotel with modern facilities. The beautiful green surroundings complete this unique picture. A warm welcome awaits you at the Castelli.

Located at Agios, a tranquil location of Laganas bay where the sea turtles lay their eggs, this family run hotel offers an inviting pool area with a snack bar serving delicious dishes and Greek meze. The hotel's buffet breakfast features famous home-made cakes made from organic eggs from the hotel's own farm. There is also a lobby bar and an internet corner.

The hotel works towards one specific goal: creating a memorable holiday experience.

  • Organised bike hire and horse riding on suggested routes
  • Valued repeat customers
  • Exquisite location
  • Uses produce directly from the hotel's own farm
  • Opportunity to visit sea turtles without disturbing the environment
  • Personal service with only 54 rooms

Having read the information, suggest two environmental objectives which could be used by the hotel.