Do well in 'developing UK tourist destinations'

4.2 & 4.3

Use of persuasive language

What is persuasive language? Why is it so important?

Persuasive language helps emphasise what’s being said and it engages the reader. So, for this section you will need to be able to show you can understand persuasive language in a tourism context and how it helps to increase a destination’s appeal.

The acronym AFOREST is commonly used as a persuasive language technique. You may have worked with this acronym in your English lessons.


  • A – Alliteration, anecdotes
  • F – Facts, forceful phrases
  • O – Opinions
  • R – Repetition, rhetorical questions, reader focus (personal pronouns), reliable source
  • E – Exaggeration, emotive language, examples.
  • S – Statistics, shock tactics, structure
  • T – Tripling (rule of three).