Do well in 'developing UK tourist destinations'

AC 1.2 - Describe characteristics of different types of tourists


Tourists are usually categorised by age; from babies to senior citizens.

Would you say tourist destinations are age specific? Why do certain age groups choose one destination over another? What happens when there is a group of mixed ages? These are the sorts of issues you need to understand and appreciate.  

Activity 1

Working in pairs or small groups research one of the following UK coastal destinations

  • Newquay, Cornwall
  • Bournemouth
  • Tenby
  • Blackpool
  • Porthcawl

Create a poster to advertise the destination for a specific tourist age group. Include information such as

  • Activities and suitable age specific things to do
  • Places to stay, e.g. caravan park, B&B, hotels that are suitable for the age group.

Share your poster with the class.

Activity 2

Ibiza and Zante are destinations that attract many young people because of their club culture, but Ibiza and Zante have much more than clubs to offer and they are destinations that can suit other age groups. 

In pairs or small groups research Ibiza or Zante and create a PowerPoint presentation that gives 10 interesting facts about either Ibiza or Zante that shows the destination has much more to offer than just clubbing.

Activity 3

Think about a destination you would like to visit or perhaps you have already visited.

Explain why you would like to visit your chosen destination or what you enjoyed about the destination. Think about how and what it offered your age group – teenagers.