Do well in 'developing UK tourist destinations'

AC 2.1 - Explain factors influencing tourist decision making


Tourists create their own expectations of a destination, e.g. they may be looking for somewhere they can participate in their favourite hobby or sport, they may be looking for somewhere they can go to simply relax on a beach, they may want to go somewhere for a particular event, e.g. the Rugby World Cup, or they may want to visit a destination for its natural beauty or its culture and traditions. If they are spending their hard-earned money on visiting somewhere, they will want it to meet their expectations.

Activity 1

Think about a holiday you would love to have, your dream holiday. Discuss this with your class mate. Do you both have the same expectations?

In 50 words, describe your personal expectations of a dream holiday. You can use your own words and any of the words or phrases below to help you.

Fabulous weather, water parks, theme park, short haul flight, long haul flight, good beaches, lots of fun activities, luxury accommodation, great skiing, lots of snow, snorkelling, scuba diving, safari, camping, great food, swimming in a warm sea, adrenalin junkie, beach bum, culture vulture, art galleries, museums.

Activity 2

What expectations do tourists have about accommodation? Do they want 5* luxury or are they more interested in activities and things to do? Many tourists have very different expectations.

Think about and then research an appropriate UK destination that could meet the expectations of one of the tourist types from activity 3. You might want to look at one of the review sites, such as TripAdvisor, to get people’s opinions on facilities such as accommodation and activities at your chosen destination. Create a PowerPoint or a poster to ‘sell’ your destination.

Activity 3

Imagine yourself as a tourist at a destination in the UK. You have had an excellent experience at your destination.  You are going to leave a positive review about the accommodation, the food and the visitor attractions that you enjoyed.