Do well in 'developing UK tourist destinations'

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Pressure groups

Pressure groups help to ensure that tourism development does not harm the environment or the character of special destinations. Some pressure groups work within a specific destination, some work at the national level throughout the UK.

Other pressure groups, such as Tourism Concern, work in many countries throughout the world. Most of its work is in areas where the environment is threatened by tourism or where local people are being exploited.

The extracts below explain the work of the Ramblers – a pressure group which seeks to improve facilities for people who enjoy walking in the UK.  


As Britain’s largest walking charity, the Ramblers helps everyone to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors on foot. We are committed to supporting Britain’s 9 million walkers and to protecting and expanding access to the places people love to walk – whether that’s along our treasured public rights of way network, in our towns and cities or on access land like our mountains, moors and heath. Our 26,500 volunteers make this possible: from leading walks and clearing footpaths, to organising local campaigns to protect and promote local paths.

Put walking at the heart of improving the nation’s

With increasing concerns about the physical and mental health of the nation, it is more important than ever to find solutions that are practical, effective and affordable. With proven benefits for health, walking has the potential to save public money and help ensure that as we live longer, more people are able to enjoy a good later life.

Make Towns and Cities safe for walking

Our cities and towns have largely been designed around car travel, leading to lower activity levels, greater dangers for other users and more air pollution. If we want to encourage people to go about their everyday lives on foot, urban areas need safe, well-connected, attractive routes and spaces with cleaner air, so that walking is the easy, pleasant choice for any journey.

Secure the future of our National Trails

National Trails provide public access to some of our most beautiful landscapes. The last government made great progress on the latest addition to this network, the England Coast Path. This will give everyone the opportunity to enjoy their coastal heritage. It is critical however that there is a renewed commitment to completing the England Coast Path and ensuring the long-term viability of this, and all other,National Trails.


Summarise what the Ramblers are trying to achieve in about 50 words.