Principles of customer service

AC 2.3 - Explain impacts of customer service on tourism organisations

How good/how bad?


Study the reviews and comments about customer service in the boxes below. For each statement give a score of between plus 5 for a good review and minus 5 for a poor review.

What is your final score after adding up all the scores for the positive comments and taking away all of the scores for the negative comments?

Discuss your answers with your classmates.

  • Long queues for the most popular rides spoilt the day.  Visitors must arrive early to get the best out of the visit.
  • Great day out but the toilets were awful.
  • A lot of money to find for a visit lasting just over an hour.
  • Excellent service from the ride operator on ‘Fugitive’ who helped when we lost our phone.
  • The receptionist was a bit rude when we asked to have a room with two beds.
  • We really enjoyed the guided tour and the guide made it interesting for our children.
  • Great for my 5-year-old twins – they had a fantastic day out.
  • The abseiling was very well organised and we had excellent instruction before we started the activity.
  • The dungeons in the castle were damp and the floor was slippery.  It was dangerous for my mother-in-law who walks with a stick.
  • The lifts in the hotel were not working on three days during our stay and we were on the seventh floor.
  • The brochure described the hotel as being in the centre of the resort, but we had a 20 -minute walk to the nearest shop.
  • The staff were all marvellous and could not have been more helpful.

You can either use the online writing-frame to note your scores or download the document below.