Principles of customer service

AC 2.1 - Describe needs of different types of customer

My tourism experiences

Think about the experiences you have had as a customer of tourism organisations and how they have changed as you have grown up. 

The questions in the box below might help you.  You might want to ask members of your family to jog your memory about your early experiences.

  • Where was your first holiday that you remember?
  • Have you taken a flight to a holiday destination?
  • Have you travelled to a holiday destination by any other method of transport?
  • What types of tourist accommodation have you stayed in?
  • Which cities and countryside areas in the UK have you visited?
  • Which theme parks have you visited?
  • What are your favourite theme park rides?
  • Do you have a favourite beach?
  • Do you have any good or bad customer service experiences?


When you have thought about the questions in the box and asked members of your family, write about your tourism experiences.

Use the online writing-frame if you can.